Justyna Cieślikowska

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justice – work in progress

March 2020 – For two weeks now, Europe and the world have been mired in a pandemic depression. Millions of people are locked up in their own homes. The only way out is a short walk … This global lockdown of 2020 may help us all understand at least for a moment what it means […]

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this is not America ?

Three weeks before the presidential elections – New York and Chicago / 2016 / USA. The only comments on this situation are the inscriptions on walls and pavements.Resignation, social inequalities, uncertainty. A narrative image of a world power whose situation reflects the problems of the modern world which is more and more unpredictable.

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sentenced to life

The heroes of this project are prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment. I asked each of the prisoners to write what his dreams are and who he would like to be if he got another chance.A project whose implementation actually changed the fate of one of the characters. After six months, as a result of the […]

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department VII

This is the poetic story about a patients of psychiatric hospital in Lubiąż – one of the oldest in Poland . Psychiatry in Poland all the time is under-funded. Patients with various mental disorders lead a monotonous life.  Sometimes varied dances andplenty of cigarettes smoked. Published in the „Polityka” weekly .

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