The circus is vanishing a entertainment

In contemporary world full of gadgets the circus play is losing meaning. Although they are deducing from the old European tradition- they arn’t subsidized by goverment. Artists , in order to earn to  the modest life must change a stopping place almost everyday.Only 20 years ago , thecircus stood a month in one place. There was an audience in one place. In spite of it – artists and the staff aren’t complaining and every day they work hard. They talk about themselves : „We are a family”.

Ukrainian women are washing parts of arena.Due to the difficult situation in Ukraine , many woman are coming to Poland. They work very hard to help themselves and their families.


A group  of acrobats from Africa is contracted on the summer season in this circus.


In the audience there are not only children but also  the elderly which circus pleases with the same amount.


Performance  of llions. The Czech coach is the owner of lions. He is a fan and an admirer of these animals. All lions found in the circus were born in captivity.


Preparations for the performance. Acrobats must  all the time to be heated up in order to prevent injuries.


Flats of artists and the circus personnel. They aren’t specially comfortable.


Every day the tent is deployed by dozen of Ukrainian men. It is tremendously hard work and it is hard to find Polish men to hire.


Camels  are resting on the nearby meadow before the performance. Owners are caring very much about the animals. They always have the best place, as far as possible to rest. Animals are a part of the circus family.


Children waiting for a ride on a camel.


Every day the huge structure of circus tent is assembled and fold out. At present must change the place almost every day to earn money for supporting artists and personel.